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Welcome to the Wiki 

for Vancouver Teacher-Librarian Specialists




This wiki has been started to support the Teacher-Librarians of Vancouver.  It is an instructional, interactive, collaborative tool where strategies, resources, ideas and information of interest to us all can be posted, shaped, shared, and discussed amongst ourselves.  Let's get started ... 




This is PBwiki --


  • First, you need to know what a wiki is.  Well it's a relatively new tool of the Web 2.0 category.  Check these links to Wikipedia for more information. 


   Try out Web Tools 4U2 use   


    WHAT, HOW TOs, USES of Web 2.0 (social software tools) for TLs/ teachers


  • I have chosen to use pbwiki simply because many other teacher-librarians are using it.  There are other free wiki  sites as well.  Pbwiki gets its name from being as "easy as making a peanut butter sandwich"!  If you would like to try making one, sign up at http://www.pbwiki.com.


  • You can create your own wikis for school projects and collaborations or why not start by working collaboratively  on this wiki.  Just email ME* at mekdahl@vsb.bc.ca for permission and the password to access the wiki for the purpose of editing it.  


* ME = my initials!




I find the "point-and-click" editor to be both intuitive and easy to use -- 





It's as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich, or so they say.  Be prepared to spend a little time but here's how easy it is to get started:


1.  Open your own wiki by going to http://pbwiki.com/

2.  Click "Edit Page" at the top of this page

3. Type something

4. Click Save!















Sidebar Feature: 


A really important feature of the wiki is its sidebar.  It is a hyperlinked Table of Contents that allows you to access any attached pages.  To see what "pages" have been developed for the (pb)wiki you are viewing, check for the sidebar feature.  Be sure to click onto the SideBar on this page to see what other resources and ideas or works-in-progress have been developed for your use or input.




Inserting Files


You attach files (see toolbar in Edit mode) in a simple uploading action:  preparing a webpage.pdf



Inserting Video Clips and Other Plugins:


I love this clip as a prelude to teaching powerpoint.  I learned how to "embed" a video clip using the Insert Plugin feature on the Edit Page toolbar:



YouTube plugin error  



Video: How do other educators use PBwiki?





Watch other videos on pbwiki's Educational Videos page.


See some of the educator materials in the pbwiki Presenters' Package 



Bonus materials!




  • Click "New Page" to create a universe of pages using pre-made templates 





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